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One person is free,
but two people are exciting.


No matter how old you are, you must find a group of friends to come to the youth hostel to celebrate with you


OWL Hostel offers various evening programs from time to time, Even more worth looking forward to are the night tours during specific seasons, such as cherry blossoms, fireflies, stargazing... Expect an amazing experience.


​It won the Silver Award at the Paris Design Awards 2021. Friends who have visited Sun Moon Lake must have left a deep impression of this building.


The true beauty of Sun Moon Lake cannot be fully appreciated in just a day trip. Stay for a night, wait for the sunrise to baptize the earth with its brilliant light in the morning, and feel the serene atmosphere when the sun sets in the evening. The breathtaking light and shadow performances and natural shows of Sun Moon Lake are definitely worth lingering over and enjoying.


​OWL Hostel has all the itinerary tickets ready for you: bicycles, lake tours, sunrise and sunset paddleboarding, paragliding, and any travel ideas and activities you have in mind. Just go to the front desk to inquire, and you will know the latest information and content about Sun Moon Lake.


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