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Nearby attractions of the hostel.

The Owl Hostel is located in the Ita Thao district of the city, where you can step out the door and walk into a street of local snacks and diverse and delicious cuisine that you could never finish trying all of in just one visit. The Ita Thao Pier offer breathtaking lake views both day and night that soothe the soul. The plaza often hosts performances and the bustling Ita Thao commercial district is filled with the joyful atmosphere of tourism. Take a stroll along the Ita Thao Lakeside Trail, visit the Sun Moon Lake Ropeway Station, and see how many of the nine frog statues you can spot at Shuiwatou. Staying at the Owl Hostel, you can rent a bicycle and explore many recommended attractions in detail.



Food Street of Ita Thao

Endless delicacies await you at the Ita Thao Commercial District Food Street, filled with indigenous cuisine and the most authentic Sun Moon Lake black tea. Be sure to come and taste it all.


Ita Thao Lakeside Trail

You can always feel the different beauty of the surroundings and be amazed by the breathtaking lake view while walking on this lakeside trail,



Tutingzai Hiking Trail

To the right, you can enjoy the magnificent view of Shuishe Great Mountain, while to the left, the holy and independent Lalu Island is within sight in the middle of the lake. You can greet the people on passing boats as they come and go.


Ita Thao Pier

Looking from the pier of Ita Thao across to the other side where Shuishe is located, the expansive lake view makes everyone unable to resist taking out their phones to capture photos for social media check-ins. 


Explore the Hostel

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